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Depression test

Depression testZung depression self assessment test , based on the Zung Self-Rating Scale, is a widely used depression screening tool that is recognized by physicians worldwide. Although designed as a screening tool, this depression test has been adapted to track also your score over time.

Nutritional content tables

Nutritional content tablesNutritional content tables    Find out how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals your food contains. Either you are dieting to loose weight or cleanse your body, or you figured out what is your metabolic type and you need to know specific foods for your type, well, the nutritional content tables will provide you with the answer you need. Ref. USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory, SR20 / 2008  database.

Metabolic type self test

Metabolic typingMetabolic type self test  A proper, "customized" diet has many benefits: painless weight loss, increased energy and improved health. The metabolic typing diet does just that. To find the right balance specifically for you between proteins and carbohydrates take the metabolic type self test.

Nutritional calculators

Nutritional calculatorsNutritional calculators  Find out what is your daily required caloric intake based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR), your body mass index (BMI) or your body fat and the health risks associated with it  using the specific nutritional calculators.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic indexGlycemic Index and Glycemic Load tables The table provided herein is a compilation of various sources for most common foods. Sustained elevated blood sugar levels are known to trigger a plethora of health problems like diabetes type two, hearth disease and inflammation.

Jung personality types

Jung personality typeFind out your personality type - your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, your compatibility with others.
Jung personality types assessment test.

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21 December 2008

Weight Loss with Meditation and Yoga

Human body is more than simple physics and chemistry. At a more subtle level your mind regulates body’s chemistry (metabolism) and physics (energy balance). It is more complicated than calories in, calories out scenario. Sure, it is important for weight loss to eat less (calories) and burn more (calories) by exercising.

It is not enough though. Scientifical studies showed without a doubt that chronic stress turns on a chemical messenger called neuropeptide Y, which is found in body fat. This hormone increases appetite, especially for carbohydrate-rich foods. It also causes your body to convert these calories into belly fat. A double impact that will add pounds to your weight in a very short period of time.

We knew that as a matter of fact. Whenever we are tensed, we tend to swallow absentmindedly our food without deriving much satisfaction or pleasure. So we eat more. And like this is not bad enough, the chronic stress is also one of the main triggers for metabolic syndrome (glucose intolerance) that can lead to diabetes with all the associated conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and inflammation.

What to do?. Keep reading ...

Well, meditation and yoga are perfect remedies for stress. Among other benefits, meditation calms your mind and raises your threshold to stress. Again it works under the same pattern, mind over body. When meditating your body releases the good mood neurotransmitter Serotonin. In time your body becomes “addicted” to good mood hence a higher tolerance for stress. Specific to meditation is also the increased awareness that will wipe out the unconscious food stuffing beyond your body needs. You will eat calmer and slower and allow your body send the message “enough” to your mind.

Now, combine these benefits with hatha-yoga (the physical part of yoga) and you get an unstoppable trend toward a slimmer and younger body. From hatha-yoga, sun salutations works perfectly as a low impact workout, midway between resistance training (e.g. weight lifting) and cardiovascular (e.g. jogging). In fitness terminology they call this new, in vogue type of exercise Interval Training. Sun salutation goes beyond that. It has it all including the stretching and the mind focus. And you know what? It was around for so long that it may have some extra value. For the more advanced yoga practitioners, specific yogic postures (e.g. shoulder stand), activates and regulates the internal secretions of the thyroid gland -the master gland, that affects the fat metabolism. This is it!. Meditation and yoga works synergistically toward a better mind and body. If only you had the will power to initiate this process. Do you?.

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1 Friday, 08 May 2009 04:15
By the way, I've heard that yoga might be prohibited since now, if you don't have an official permission to use the technique -
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Nutritional content tables

Nutritional content tables    Find out how much calories, protein, carbs, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals your food contains.

Nutritional calculators

Nutritional calculators          How much food you need? What is your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body fat.

Depression test

Zung depression self test.         If you want to self assess your mood and you suspect you may be depressed take this test.

Glycemic index and load

Glycemic index and load table.           For both glycemic index and glycemic load the lower the better.

Metabolic type self test

Metabolic type self test Proteins, carbohydrates, or both?        What is good for you?