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Nutritional calculators

Nutritional calculatorsNutritional calculators  Find out what is your daily required caloric intake based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR), your body mass index (BMI) or your body fat and the health risks associated with it  using the specific nutritional calculators.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic indexGlycemic Index and Glycemic Load tables The table provided herein is a compilation of various sources for most common foods. Sustained elevated blood sugar levels are known to trigger a plethora of health problems like diabetes type two, hearth disease and inflammation.

Metabolic type self test

Metabolic typingMetabolic type self test  A proper, "customized" diet has many benefits: painless weight loss, increased energy and improved health. The metabolic typing diet does just that. To find the right balance specifically for you between proteins and carbohydrates take the metabolic type self test.

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Jung personality typeFind out your personality type - your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, your compatibility with others.
Jung personality types assessment test.

Nutritional content tables

Nutritional content tablesNutritional content tables    Find out how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals your food contains. Either you are dieting to loose weight or cleanse your body, or you figured out what is your metabolic type and you need to know specific foods for your type, well, the nutritional content tables will provide you with the answer you need. Ref. USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory, SR20 / 2008  database.

Depression test

Depression testZung depression self assessment test , based on the Zung Self-Rating Scale, is a widely used depression screening tool that is recognized by physicians worldwide. Although designed as a screening tool, this depression test has been adapted to track also your score over time.

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21 December 2008

Anti aging

How would you like to spend your later years? Do you want to be in a nursing home, totally dependent on others? Or would you like to travel the world, ski in the winter, golf in the summer and generally enjoy the many benefits of a strong and youthful body well into your seventies, eighties and beyond?

The choice is clear. Fortunately, medical science is currently discovering how and why the human body ages.
Scientists already found out, for example, that rapid decline in human growth hormone (HGH) release in the body, after fifty years old, leads to faster aging

Researchers also discovered that our cells renew themselves through divisions. Only this happens for a limited number of times. Each time a cell divides, a tiny portion of the DNA is lost.

It is interesting to notice that certain factors influence this DNA "information" loss. Homocysteine is one of them. Homocysteine is an amino acid that accumulates in the tissues faster as you get older.
Research proved that high homocysteine tripled the amount of DNA chromosome length that is lost during cell division. This is tripling the speed at which your body is aging.

So how can we get more of the stuff we need (HGH) and less of the one we do not want (homocysteine)? Sure, there are artificial stimulants for the former or inhibitors for the later. The long term effects of these artificial means are unpredictable and not worth taking the risk.

On the other hand you can naturally and efficiently get similar effects by implementing few life style changes. Here you are:

1.    Diet.

Calorie restriction is the most documented and the most scientifically validated life extending solution. The problem is that eating 20% less food than you need is not only frustrating but makes living longer meaningless. The good news is that short term periodical fasting proved also to have similar effects with a life long calorie restriction diet.

Quality of food is also an issue. Organic food is more nutrient rich and less of a stressor for the body (e.g. increase homocysteine). Eating less but better quality food seems to be the solution here. Taking supplements like vitamin B12 and Folic Acid is also documented to reduce the homocysteine levels.

High protein diets are the most efficient in increasing the amount of HGH levels. When you eat high amounts of protein, your HGH levels actually rise. This is a mild elevation, but none the less, it is effective. Before going on a protein diet check your metabolic type here: metabolic type self test . Are you interested to count calories: folow this link: Nutritional content tables

2.    Exercise

Strenuous exercise is proved to increase the blood serum levels of HGH in your body. Resistance training, like heavy squats and dead lifts that you can do no more than 8-10 reps are the most effective. This will also benefit your body by increasing the muscle mass and strength hence providing better support for your bones and signaling your body to retain bone mass (double whammy for osteoporosis prone individuals). Sun salutation and interval training or high pace - post aerobic exercise have a similar effect.

3.    Reduce mental stress

As you age, it becomes more apparent that your most important organ is your brain. Living a long life without being able to remember your age or who you are in your later years is pointless.

The most important thing you must do to keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp is avoid excess stress. When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol at a physiological level, actually kills and disables your brain cells.

Meditation is the perfect workout for your brain. Meditation is documented to significantly reduce stress by increasing the release of the “good mood” neurotransmitter Serotonin. It also creates the same brain wave patterns like during deep sleep when HGH is released in your body. This is a double benefit for you: lower stress and more HGH. No "brainer" here.

How to meditate? Check it out: How to meditate.

Does the classical meditation sound too complicated? Then try brainwave meditation . As a matter of fact Holosync has a dedicated "Super longevity" track for icreasing the HGH release by combining specific Theta and Delta brainwaves with subliminal messages. A winning combination.

There are simple ways to implement these changes in your life with a minor impact on your daily routine. Just in case you want to grow ... younger.

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Anti Aging Solutions
1 Wednesday, 03 February 2010 08:20
Great tips for anti aging. Good diet and exercise definitely help you in keeping body healthy.
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Nutritional content tables

Nutritional content tables    Find out how much calories, protein, carbs, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals your food contains.

Nutritional calculators

Nutritional calculators          How much food you need? What is your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body fat.

Depression test

Zung depression self test.         If you want to self assess your mood and you suspect you may be depressed take this test.

Glycemic index and load

Glycemic index and load table.           For both glycemic index and glycemic load the lower the better.

Metabolic type self test

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